Governing body

The Governing Body ensures that Marshfields School provides high-quality teaching and learning in a supportive and caring environment to enable each of our students to develop to their full potential.

In carrying out our responsibilities we monitor and promote to the highest standard the following:

  • Student outcomes;
  • The quality of education;
  • Personal development;
  • Behaviour and attitudes;
  • Leadership and management of the School

We also ensure that the School:

  • Meets all statutory requirements applicable to staff and students including ensuring the financial health of the school;
  • Meets all statutory requirements for safeguarding;
  • Promoting Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural as well as British Values;
  • Ensuring equality for all.

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Members of the Governing Body carry out their duties by making fact-finding and monitoring school visits and by attending school events and up to three of the following committees:

  • Full Governor Committee
  • Resources Committee
  • Curriculum and Students Committee

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