Marshfields School is a 175-place special provision for students aged 10 to 19 with a wide range of Moderate Learning Difficulties. We are also proud to be a Hub school for Peterborough, providing outreach and support across the City.

Marshfields Hub is a bespoke provision based on individual pupil need. The Hub will provide two phases of support as appropriate to each pupil’s need.

Phase 1
Support the pupil and staff in their current school to promote inclusion and learning success. This will be by providing a unique support programme and could be:

  • Involvement in meetings with staff and pupil at their school.
  • Identifying learning barriers and plan to best overcome these.
  • Involvement of parents
  • Strive towards a holistic approach
  • Training for staff who work directly with the pupil (Formal).
  • Drop in sessions to focus ‘ways forward’ (informal)

Phase 2
Pupils may need further bespoke programme where they may access facilities at Marshfields for a limited time. To best meet the needs of the pupil. The intention is always that the pupil will transition back into their own school following this support.

The Hub is managed on a day to day basis by the hub lead. Marshfields is fortunate to have a dedicated teaching team. A balance of both primary, secondary and special trained staff that work effectively together. Some of the expertise that identified pupil’s through the Hub may benefit from:

  • Phonic awareness, reading support, dyslexia understanding
  • Number recognition/ understanding of barriers to number work, dyscalculia awareness
  • EHCP alterations, timetable adaptions, use of social stories
  • Action v consequence strategies, in classroom interventions, adapted curriculum
  • Work with school SENCO and parents to provide an all-round supportive, safe learning environment.

What helps:

  • A safe, secure learning environment
  • Regular communication
  • High expectations
  • Gaining pupils attention, listening to the pupil
  • Being positive, building self-esteem
  • Pupils having responsibility
  • Flexibility
  • Promoting the use of a practically based curriculum. Supported by multi-sensory teaching and learning which addresses all types of learners.
  • The overarching aim for inclusive teaching, promoting inclusion, reducing stereotype threat, promoting growth mindset.

Marshfields Hub launched in September 2019 and received its first students in January 2020. A dedicated classroom and evolving resources, advice and support is available.

If we can be of support to a young person in your care do make contact with us:
Call: Ms A Anderson, Hub Manager: 01733 568058

For further information on our offer, please click the link below for our Primary Hub prospectus.