Head’s welcome

I am delighted to welcome you to Marshfields School. We are committed to providing an excellent education equipping each child with the tools they need to achieve their best outcomes, grow personally, and prepare for a successful future. We are a team at Marshfields, and our expectation is that everyone endeavours to do their best in all that they do.

The school has grown to become a 191-place special provision for students aged 7 to 19 with a wide range of Learning Difficulties. The needs of students who attend have become broader and more complex which means all our students have cognitive profiles below the 1st percentile, and additional needs around their health, social and emotional well-being, and communication. Every student at the school has an Education, Healthcare Plan (EHCP) and, while delivering a curriculum that is broad, rich, diverse, and linked to the accredited courses we offer, the staff team works tirelessly to ensure the targets within plans are met.

Every moment of the school day is fulfilled, from arrival to dismissal, form time to lunchtime activities. The school ethos focuses on ensuring that students are prepared for adulthood, are independent, able to request adjustments for their needs, and are confident in their strengths. We aim to prepare our young people for the opportunities, responsibilities, and experiences of adult life through spiritual, moral, cultural, emotional, academic, and physical development alongside the valued contribution of parents, carers, and other agencies.

Marshfields is a therapeutic provision, which serves to reduce behaviour incidents significantly. All behaviours are seen as a form of communication that must be listened and responded to.
We believe that learning is an enjoyable, lifelong process and we will inspire, challenge, and support our students by recognising individual needs and talents. By providing a broad and balanced range of learning experiences we will encourage all students to achieve their potential and exceed their expectations and holistic needs.

As a school, the staff team know every one of our students individually. Supported by detailed information, systems and processes, all members of staff can access the key information about an individual student with ease. As a result, the school community is strong, and teachers are used to continually adapting their practice and teaching to meet any arising need.

The very highest standards of conduct, respect, effort, and personal attainment are our key aim for all members of our school. We are a caring school which promotes equal opportunity for all, and our key objective is to ensure that all students realise their potential. We are a happy school, with an energetic and talented team of staff committed to the achievements of our young people. Everyone has a valuable contribution to make at Marshfields and everyone is listened to. Teamwork is precious, but so too are initiative and originality. We encourage positive attitudes and a ‘can-do’ culture. We provide a secure, safe environment in which all our young people feel valued, where they can develop their skills, attributes and confidence which will serve them well throughout their life.

It is our ultimate aim that all of our young people are ready to transition to the next chapter of their education journey successfully.

Ian Graham-Wells
Acting Headteacher

If you wish to request a paper copy of any of the information on the school’s website, please email office@marshfields-sch.co.uk