School Ethos

The school exists to ensure that SEND students of, or surrounding, the City of Peterborough have their needs met and are successful members of society when they leave us. We will ensure that they become independent and resilient, and able to speak for themselves when they require support to live.

We will do this by:

  • Encouraging respect and tolerance for all members of the school community, with staff leading by example.
  • Setting high expectations for student outcomes and preparing for adulthood.
  • Ensuring students have access to a wide range of activities that address their additional needs and give them the opportunity to be independent despite them.

Our key school objectives for 2019-20 are:

  • To be the first choice for parents and carers whose children meet our admissions guidance.
  • To meet the local SEND needs by re-designating, providing support to mainstream primaries through the hub and delivering training through the hub network.
  • For students to make greater progress than SEND students nationally.
  • To recruit and retain the best staff, developing highly committed and skilled, cohesive teams.
  • To ensure our students are prepared for adulthood and able to access the workplace.
  • To maintain our Good judgement from Ofsted, overall and in each category.
  • To ensure the school have a strong positive public image and is an exemplar of SEND provision.
  • To offer a broad, balanced curriculum complemented by a range of strategies to support students’ SEND.
  • To be a beacon of SEND education in Peterborough, through leadership and partnership.

Ofsted encourage parents and carers to give their view about the school their child attends. If you would like to give feedback on Marshfields School please click here.