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Marshfields School

A Positive Choice

Year 7

All Homework and learning outside lessons will be praised in school. All the work students do outside of school will support their reading, understanding and enjoyment of science.

What the year 7 students are learning:


Body Systems

Cells Tissues and Organs


How many body systems to you name? What is there job? Can you describe the journey that food takes? What happens when you breathe in Oxygen? How small is a cell? Why is exercise good for you?

Visit the following website.


Elements and Compounds

Particules in Action

What's happening around us?

What is an Element? How can you separate sand and water? What happens to water when you heat it? Why does it rain? Do we need water? Where does Gold come from?

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Forces and Energy

Light and Space

Strike a Light

How do you get to school each day? How do you get your energy to walk? How to lights work? How do we know about space? How many planets are there? Can you name all the planets? Is the sun a planet?

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