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Marshfields School

A Positive Choice


My role as lead of the Science department is to coordinate with the designated science staff, Ms Anderson and Mrs Tuley, and all the teaching assistants within the department to provide each student with the opportunity to:

  • Develop responsible attitudes towards safety
  • Help build natural curiosity
  • Encourage understanding and
  • Respect for living things and their environment

Each student will develop literacy, numeracy, computing skills in Science and most importantly the ability to be thoughtful and methodical. Overall students are encouraged to ‘think for themselves’ and where possible try out their own ideas.

I am passionate about each student’s ability to aim high and feel success in their own achievements. I strive at all times to deliver the curriculum whilst incorporating the whole school ‘shaped’ vision.

  • Successful- in own achievements
  • Happy- during learning times
  • Aspiring- to continue to make progress
  • Purposeful- when carrying out set activities
  • Exciting and- building natural curiosity
  • to embrace Diversity- by being encouraged to value other people’s thoughts and opinions.

Please see the ‘Science aims’ for further information in the science curriculum area.

M. Washbrook
Lead teacher of Science