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Marshfields School

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School Trips & Activities

Year 9 Burghley Sculpture Park Trip

In April, Year 9 enjoyed a trip to Burghley’s Sculpture Park in Stamford to study the modern sculptures there in preparation for their Summer Term project.

The pupils took part in a sculpture workshop led by the local artist Rob Fogell. Working on the theme ‘Nature’, they modelled wire sculptures into dragonflies and flowers. The pupils created some fantastic work using coloured wire and developed their modelling skills using pliers.

During the day, we also toured the Sculpture Park and the Garden of Surprise to take photos and sketch the sculptures. Pupils created their own Land Art sculptures inspired by the artist Andy Goldsworthy. The Marshfields students were a credit to the school and their enthusiasm on the day was outstanding. The staff at Burghley were very complimentary.

We will now continue to study modern sculpture as part of this term’s project and the pupils will use their photos and sketches from their day at Burghley to inspire their own 3D artwork.

Art Club

Art Club is on every Tuesday lunchtime; the Art Teacher is there to support pupils with their homework, and, to review any techniques we have practised during the lesson.

During the club, pupils have supervised  access to the internet and are able to print out any pictures they need to support their class work.  

Pupils are also able to use any art resources they need to complete their homework. 

GCSE Art Club - After School

GCSE Art Club runs on a Thursday after school and is invitation only. Pupils finish off their final paintings or clay pieces. Pupils also practise more advanced skills, such as, silk painting, batik,  and lino-printing.

During the Autumn & Spring terms, the club is reserved for Yr11 pupils. During the Summer terms, Yr10 pupils are invited to attend.