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Marshfields School

A Positive Choice

Product Design - Year 8 Projects

Y8 students will begin the year by investigating heat treatment for the first time.  They will work with steel rod and plate and the brazing hearth to produce one of their initials before leading onto a more complex and longer sculpture or balancing toy piece.  In all areas they are encouraged to apply their newly acquired skills to their own designs.

New this year is the Passive Acoustic Speaker Dock project.  We are looking to expand our joint working with the Science Dept to explore the science of sound and produce a working artefact.

Also new this year is the Scale Themed Playset project.  This looks to expand links with Maths and Humanities by exploring relationships in size and scale as well as researching historical and human themes for the characters and pieces in the playset.

Seasonal and themed projects for Mothers Day, Easter, Valentine’s Day etc…are undertaken where curriculum time and progress allow.

Photo frame holder made from recycled and reusable materials.  This project is designed to help students understand the need to make maximum use of all materials as well as appreciate the breadth of eyecatching and modern products of this type that are available in the wider world.