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Marshfields School

A Positive Choice

Personal Development

PD is taught in a way that enables students to be Successful and Happy in their environment, whilst maintaining high expectations of learning. Students are encouraged to develop their personal Aspirations to enable them to pursue and develop their own potential as well as becoming responsible and active citizens.  Teachers of PD strive to ensure that the curriculum studied is Purposeful and Exciting and reflects the world which the students will both participate and contribute and value as part of the Diverse world they live in.

The curriculum (as detailed below) tries to achieve a balance between giving students an understanding of their rights, responsibilities, knowledge and understanding of themselves, their social and emotional needs whilst supporting, developing and encouraging the skills required for future independence.

The department is supported by a range of visiting specialist educators such as Puberty and Sexual Health from either the school nurse, iCash or Dhverse. Students also have range of opportunities within lessons to recognise and develop a range of skills, for example making choices such as voting in elections, choosing a career path, managing health, personal safety and finance. Alongside this personal reflections are encouraged to develop a sense of self, manage changes and develop and valuing friendships.

Personal Development is taught to all students for one double lesson a week, totalling 1 hour and 20 minutes. The topics covered are timetabled as below although due to the nature of some outside agencies these may alternate within a particular Year group. These topics endeavour to take into current events and reflect issues students may be affected by.

Homework often takes the form of thinking about discussions in the classroom to share reflections and ideas next lesson. Worksheets may be given to support this for example a sleep study, food diary, exercise diary etc. but this is generally to support the students current awareness and to provide a discussion aid or reflection tool.

If there are any topics parents and carers wish to discuss with school do contact your child’s form tutor or current PD teacher.

Ms S. Briggs