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Marshfields School

A Positive Choice

NCS Programme

Marshfields Schools is a provider of specialist education for learners with special educational needs and disabilities. It provides education for learners who have a wide range of moderate learning difficulties.

Autumn 2018 was the first time that the college had engaged with NCS and this engagement is an example of how our network can work with a provider to create a bespoke programme that supports the additional learning needs of learners, creating a safe and enjoyable learning environment whilst achieving the outcomes of the NCS programme.

Who took part?

A total of 13 of the colleges post-16 transition learners took part in the programme from a possible 15. The 2 who didn’t go on programme were prevented from doing so due to medical reasons.

Planning & Delivery

Our NCS programme was planned from March 2018 and was delivered 6 months later, in September, at the start of the academic year. We understand this is a relatively early start date but we wanted to use NCS as the opening part of our post-16 programme.

Our Senior Managers, teachers and support staff were all involved in the planning of our programme. We all worked with our local NCS team who also engaged with parents to ensure that the programme would be supportive of the additional needs of our learners. We were even able to include the learners in some of the planning to ensure they were happy with arrangements. This also allayed some of their fears.