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MyMaths online Learning

MyMaths – Maths activities to try online at home

At Marshfields we subscribe to the My Maths online learning resource to support our students both at home and at school. There is a general login so the activities can be used as a guest to the website, however each student can also use their own personal login so any work they do at home can be recorded and shared with school.

Please contact the school if you need a reminder of these login details.

The activities listed here focus on numeracy skills to build on the daily work your child tries to do with their form tutors and follow the topics:

  • Money
  • Time
  • Shape

You can search for the topics by name in the Library section.

We encourage pupils to work through the stages given in the table below. If they find it easy – just complete the homework activity and if they score well (shown by a green star) then move onto the next stage!

Each activity has two parts on the website:

  • a lesson activity to cover the key learning points
  • a homework activity which the website will mark for you and give you a score.

My Maths Activities

Money                 Suggested Activity
Stage P Place Value To 30
Stage P Number Bonds To 20
Stage P Counting On Or Back
Stage P Recognising Coins
Stage 1 Place Value Tens And Ones
Stage 1 HTO Place Value
Stage 1 Adding And Taking Away
Stage 1 Using Coins
Stage 2 Ordering Whole Numbers
Stage 2 Addition In Columns
Stage 2 Subtraction In Columns
Stage 2 Introducing Money
Stage 3 Place Value Hundreds Thousands
Stage 3 Adding Decimals In Columns Intro
Stage 3 Money Calculations
Stage 3 Money Problems
Stage 4 Add And Subtract Decimals
Stage 4 Starting To Multiply Decimals
Stage 4 Multiply Decimals By 10 And 100
Stage 4 Best Buys And Value For Money
Stage 5 Short And Long Multiplication
Stage 5 Percentages Of Amounts 1
Stage 5 Percentages Of Amounts 2
Stage 5 Simple Interest


Time                     Suggested Activity
Stage P Sequencing Time
Stage P Understanding Time
Stage 1 Introducing Clocks
Stage 2 Telling The Time 1
Stage 2 Telling The Time 2
Stage 2 Time 2
Stage 2 Time Between
Stage 3 Time And Timetables
Stage 3 Time Calculations


Shape                  Suggested Activity
Stage P Describing Shapes
Stage 1 2D And 3D Shapes
Stage 2 3D Shapes
Stage 3 Nets Of 3D Shapes
Stage 3 Properties Of Triangles
Stage 3 Parts Of A Circle
Stage 3 2D – What Am I?
Stage 3 3D – What Am I?

There are many more topics and learning materials available for you to use on the My Maths website which are not on the list, and are suitable for students working from Primary KS1 all the way up to GCSE level.

Additionally, if you would like any additional printed sheets to back up and extend the activities your child tries at home please ask your child’s maths teacher.