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Marshfields School

A Positive Choice


The Library at Marshfields School aims to provide a modern multimedia resource centre and a welcoming, inclusive learning environment which is central to the school, actively supporting the development of independent learning skills and fostering the love and enjoyment of reading in all its forms.

The main body of the library houses our Accelerated Reader books which are all clearly displayed and labelled for ease of access. We aim to provide a wide range of differentiated books which are tailored to the interests and diversity of the students at Marshfields. The students are encouraged to have input into new books ordered.

The non fiction section follows the Dewey Decimal Classification system and is organised by subject.

Marshfields has student librarians who take responsibility for the organisation and daily running of the library. They volunteer to do this in their own time and can work towards a community badge.

The library aims to be an environment that is:

S – Stimulating to ensure success

H – Helpful for students to find books and make them happy readers.

A – Accelerated Reader offers a range of books to inspire.

P – reading for Pleasure and purpose to support their curriculum.

E – Enriching students minds to become excited by reading.

D – Developing a wide range of book choice to support a diverse range student interests.