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Marshfields School

A Positive Choice

Key Stage 4

We have selected the most appropriate routes for our students in order to provide them with an individual and varied programme of study, and ultimately give them the best possible chance of success.



Examining Board


Course length



Additional English

Entry Pathways


Entry 2, 3 and Level 1

2 years   Coursework


Internally assessed

Internally and externally.

Certificate and Awards available depending on the number of credits gained.

FPQ/NPQ AQA Level 1 & Level 2 Internally & Externally

For further information regarding this course please see email myself or Ms Lillywhite on the addresses below: or

WJEC Additional English – Entry Pathways

The skills weighting in the new GCSE syllabus has meant some students now find the English GCSE course too challenging and we have selected an alternative route that involves accruement of coursework credits with certificates and awards available in Entry 2, 3 and Level 1.

Additional English is a flexible course where students have the opportunity to study Shakespeare, literature and poetry. The course tests knowledge and understanding. Assessment outcomes can be varied with examples including timelines, presentations, essays, video evidence and witness statements.

Students usually study a minimum of 5 units worth 30 hours of study each.

  1. Creating Narratives
  2. Exploring Narratives
  3. Poetry
  4. Shakespeare
  5. Audio/ Visual texts.
  6. Exploring Film Genre

In Year 10 we take students to Warner Brothers Studios near Watford as part of their unit on audio-visual texts.

In Year 11 we visit John Clare's Cottage in Helpston as part of the unit of Explaining Poetry.

This course is usually taught by all our English teachers. If you would like some further information about it, please email me on the email address above.

Mrs R. Rouncefield