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Marshfields School

A Positive Choice

Key Stage 3

In Key Stage 3 our students are taught a rich curriculum diet of fiction and non-fiction texts. They are learning how to write for different audiences and they are taught ways of communicating for self-expression and clarity. The reading texts are suited to individual reading ability so that our students can demonstrate their understanding of the material and the purposes of the reading matter.

In addition our students work on improving their spelling, punctuation and grammar. Students spellings programmes are matched to their ability.

All teaching and learning in Key Stage 3 is differentiated to suit the requirements of each student.

We endeavour to ensure that each year group has access to a relevant curriculum trip or or external visit to school in each academic year in 17-18.

Year 7 - Took part in a Steam Railway Trip in relation to the novel “The Railway Children”

Year 8 - Received a visitor who had worked with the Royal Family as part of their work with the novel “Two Weeks with the Queen”

Year 9 - Took part in a trip to a local carrot factory as part of their work on advertising.