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Marshfields School

A Positive Choice


Invention house is led by Mr Cavanagh.

The spirit of Invention house is one of exploring, experimenting and learning together and by experience.

We know it is very hard to set out on a journey always having the right answer. 

Invention house and its subjects work to find solutions to problems and produce useful, well made objects, food and computing answers to the questions we see everyday.

Our patron is Leonardo da Vinci.

We chose him because he mixed Technology, Art and Engineering to produce many of the worlds most extraordinary and memorable works.

Our colour is blue because we look up at the sky and think of all the possibilities we can work with and because when we work together in our teams, an Invention speciality, we are together under the sky respecting each other and producing wonderful things.

Our House theme tune is Mr Blue sky by ELO  - the song is a  happy powerful sing along and brings everyone together.