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Marshfields School

A Positive Choice


The Bungalow

Students have a valuable life experience here at Marshfields. We have a bungalow on site and in KS4 and KS5 students have the opportunity to spend time in the bungalow learning life skills.

What will you experience and learn in the bungalow?

Meal preparation from creating a shopping list to purchasing items needed at the supermarket. Preparing a home cooked meal with fresh ingredients. Setting the table, greeting guests. Serving a meal and the associated pot washing and kitchen cleaning afterwards.

The students learn how laundry is sorted, washed and cared for. Where to locate washing labels and what happens if we mix colours or wash our clothes too hot. We then use our washing labels to see how to dry and iron our washed items.

The students learn how to change beds, hoover and turn the mattress and generally how to look after the place where we live.

We also discuss safety in the home, what to do if there is a fire or we can smell gas, how to store cleaning products if we have young children in the house and we look at warning signs on our cleaning products and discuss what these mean.

All year 11 students get to take home a personalised folder with the recipes that they have chosen so they can produce the same food again at home. It also shows them making beds, cleaning around the home and is a helpful reminder of what jobs needs to be done to maintain a healthy environment. The students can’t wait to come in and I am often approached by them asking when it will be their turn. They love to wear their own clothes and be away from school with a small group making their own choices for food they will eat and what they will serve to their guests.

The Bungalow is visited by other schools and people always comment that every school should have one. Schools that are thinking of setting something like this up in their school come to us for advice and use of our resources. Our students are really lucky to have such a marvellous facility on the school grounds.

These are some of the comments from our post 16 and Year 11 students that have spent time in the bungalow.

A few of the comments from our parents that have visited for a 3 course meal.

Some students also get to experience one off activities we have decorated the lounge, bedroom, bathroom and kitchen. These will be needing to be done again later this year with the students. Students have painted the front door, had people over for afternoon tea, entertained some older people from the Salvation Army and made them cakes and hot drinks. Made cakes and squash for a local nursery which supports our post 16 childcare group. Students have also come in to learn to wash hair properly, clean their teeth and find out why personal hygiene is important.

Our programme ‘A typical week in the life of the Bungalow’

Day 1
  • Health and safety in the home, using a telephone, contacting emergency services, home address.
  • Choosing foods for own meals and three course meal for guests, making up a menu, shopping list from menu, shopping for items from shopping list.
  • Using public transport.
  • Selecting goods in a supermarket from shopping list, locate sell by, use y dates, check quality of cheaper goods, use the self- scanner , Pack shopping correctly, select the correct storage for food.
  • Set table, eat lunch
  • Prepare chosen meal, set table, eat lunch, clear table, wash and dry up remembering the correct order for washing dishes
Day 2
  • Looking at cleaning products, check products for warning label, discuss what they mean, safe storage of cleaning items.
  • Choose a room and decide what jobs need to be done to make the room clean and tidy, carry out the cleaning of a room using the appropriate cleaning products.
  • Prepare and serve chosen lunch, wash up, dry up, tidy away.
  • Looking at washing labels in clothes, using the washing machine, selecting a programme, What could go wrong, how to dry your washing, using the tumble dryer, pegging out washing, matching washing symbols to their meanings.
  • Any pre meal preparations  for tomorrow
Day 3
  • Discuss timings and make up a whiteboard for all jobs that need to be done ,essential for planning
  • Set up the table for guests, fold serviettes clean glasses clean cutlery, prepare the meal according to your plan
  • Use recipes when required, relate weighing and measuring to numeracy, make sure the meal is ready to serve to guests at appropriate time.
  • Collect guests from reception, welcome guests to the bungalow and serve drinks, serve each course when required, when finished clear, clean dishes and tidy.
  • Quiz on things you have learned, bringing together a reflective discussion.