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Marshfields School

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Welcome to Humanities at Marshfields School. My name is Mrs Brown and I am responsible for this department.

As teacher of Humanities my role is to deliver lessons on History, Geography and RE to all of Key Stage 3 and a History qualification to some students at Key Stage 4. The lessons aim to allow students to:

  • Develop an awareness of the World around them recognising similarities and differences of locations and cultures
  • Identify and describe key events throughout British and World History and how they have shaped the Britain/World we live in today
  • Recognise own and others’ beliefs and values
  • Develop research and analytical skills
  • Promote a desire to ask why

Each student will develop their literacy and numeracy skills and be provided with opportunities to develop their computer skills too. At Key Stage 4 students are encouraged to develop their independent and workplace skills. Students are encouraged to think for themselves and use their new knowledge outside of the department.

I am passionate about bringing the past back to life and for all students to develop a sense of belonging in the big wide World which we live. I strive for students to want to find out more and to develop their own reasoning for their thoughts and beliefs. The Shaped vision is shared in lessons that strive to be Successful, Happy, Aspiring and purposeful in Exciting lessons full of Diversity.

We are in the process of creating an assessment policy for Humanities which will be added by September 2019. If you have any questions about Humanities do not hesitate to contact your child's teacher". 

Mrs Brown

Please download the PDF files below for an overview of each year and topics taught.

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