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Homework Activities

Here are some ways you can help your child with their maths at home. Any work done at home and handed in to their teacher will receive praise in school.

  1. Learning their tables in this order 2, 5, 10, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8 and then 9.
  2. Learning the value of the coins.

Adding up with 1p coins then 2p coins then 5p coins and 10p coins. Then a mixture.

Making a certain amount for example 23p.

Change from 20p, 50p and then a £1.

  1. Looking at the capacity of bottles and tins in litres and millilitres. Estimate if something is more or less than a litre.
  2. Looking at the weight of sugar, flour etc. in kilograms and grams.
  3. Measuring objects around the home in cm and metres using rulers or a tape measure.
  4. Let them help you measure out ingredients when you are baking or cooking.
  5. Keep asking them to tell you the time. We cover telling the time several times each year but they soon forget how to do it if it’s left too long without practice.
  6. Play cards with your children they learn a lot about numbers and following rules.
  7. Play games with your children getting them to keep their own score.

Games with two dice.

Player 1 throws the two dice and adds up the total.

Player 2 throws the two dice and adds up the total. Player 1 throws the two dice again and adds the total to the last score, so they always know how big their score is.

This continues until one player has 30.

This game can be played by:

  • Multiplying instead of adding the numbers on the dice.
  • Using 3 dice.
  • Starting with a score of 30 and subtracting the score each time until one player gets to zero.