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Marshfields School

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Design Technology – ongoing independent h/w

Alongside task and project specific h/w we also do this;

‘We use the very popular and well produced How Its Made series from the Discovery Channel in our ks3 and ks4 lessons.  Each 5-10 minute episode covers the making and testing of a product from start to finish and is very clearly narrated and displayed.  The programmes give excellent access to factories and workshops that otherwise would not be open to us.

We use them to look at user needs, how tasks are organised, tools, machines and materials and Quality Control (QC)

We regularly set a h/w task to watch an episode and report on these three questions

1.What Tools, Materials and Machines can you see and hear being described?

2.How is the Quality of the making checked during the making?

3.How is the product tested at the end to check it is fit for use?

Any student who reports back on an episode they have seen gets a Housepoint and we discuss the content of the film in class.

It is then very useful for students to continue watching this series (a new series has been released in 2018) and try to answer these questions each time.  The episodes are entertaining and you may well enjoy watching them with your child.

Some very popular episodes are linked here – most are also available on Youtube