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Marshfields School

A Positive Choice


I am responsible for the Food department. This area I feel, has a distinct and positive contribution to our school’s SHAPED vision allowing students access to good food and happiness while experiencing the pleasure of cooking food from scratch. 

Students are taught Food in Key Stage 3 and as an option at Key stage 4. They have the chance to achieve Star Baker awards in Key Stage 3, and Entry Level and GCSE Food Preparation and Nutrition at Key Stage 4.

Food contributes to pupils’ enjoyment through the opportunities it gives them to actively develop their food preparation skills and confidence in the kitchen.

It develops a sense of achievement and Success when their food takes shape, creating a very Happy student. The satisfaction that students gain from making products contributes towards their self-esteem and sense of wellbeing.  I teach my students to develop their ability to make informed choices about food for healthy eating and help them develop their practical capability to prepare and cook a variety of dishes and meals to achieve a healthy diet. All of this I relate to the new Food curriculum as well as the new School Food Plan.

By having internal and external accreditation students have something to Aspire to. We have had five cohorts of students through the GCSE process. The students met the challenges of the course head on and succeeded beyond expectations.

The nature of my Key Stage 3 and GCSE courses makes learning Purposeful and has given them the confidence to use these all important life skills.

Everyone needs Food! Food is an Exciting and ever-changing subject. Students are given the opportunity to make a wide range of products suited to the Diverse Society in which we live.

A. Cavanagh