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Marshfields School

A Positive Choice

Extra-Curricular Activities

We like to give the pupils opportunities to take part in extra-curricular activities outside of school. This helps to broaden their mathematical understanding and give opportunities to see how maths is used in real life situations.

This year Year 7 and Year 8 will have the opportunity to visit Hamerton Zoo to develop their understanding of measurement – to build on the learning completed in lessons on weight, height, perimeter, area and volume. 

In January we have a Maths visitor come into school for a day to give pupils a fun activity workshop. This experience allows pupils to engage in maths very different from their everyday lesson activities and even involves some magic!

We have been very fortunate to have been invited on one occasion to Bletchley Park for an exciting day of code breaking and learning about the history of the Enigma machine and how it helped to win World War II. As well as our KS3 gifted and talented pupils having had the chance to work alongside more able Primary pupils to develop their thinking and problem solving skills.

We hope to continue being able to give our Marshfields’ pupils these great opportunities to improve their mathematical understanding as well as broaden their horizons about the world around them.

Trip to Bletchley Park

On 24th February the maths department took 27 students to Bletchley Park the home of British code breaking during World War 2. It was an excellent day learning about how messages were intercepted, deciphered and then used to help end the war. We also learned about the role of women during the war and saw a reconstructed code breaking Turing/Welchman machine.

The pupils were given a tour and then set several challenging codes to decipher. We were shown how the enigma machine worked and heard a message in Morse code.

The Enigma Code Machine














The pupils learnt a great deal and their behaviour, manners and enthusiasm were a credit to the school.