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Marshfields School

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 The English department delivers five differentiated lessons per week to students in KS3 and KS4 at the school. We endeavour to make lessons exciting, creative and always challenging. We work towards increasing skills in Reading, Writing, and Speaking and Listening, and regularly assess (and encourage self-assessment) the work of every student in each area. This ensures we are offering the most appropriate curriculum and learning opportunities we can. In their English lessons students will be performing plays, visiting the theatre, creating their own narratives and taking part in debates and discussions arising from the texts they are studying. Alongside frequent free writing and comprehension activities, this leads to confident and expressive students.

I lead a team of experienced English teachers, Janna Hicks, Jayne Lillywhite and Georgia Pike who, like me, have a passion for English as well as a strong commitment to ensure that every student reaches their full potential in this subject. This is why we study the very best literature including three Shakespearean plays, two novels by Charles Dickens and a selection of classic poetry. Teaching Assistants are in place to provide support and a guiding hand to help create independent learners.

We aim to make English both fascinating and absorbing by dipping into the very best literature from books, audio sources and film texts. Students will experience the joy of reading contemporary literature from e-readers, videoing their presentations and using laptops and computers to conduct valuable research.

We support our students by delivering discrete technical lessons in reading skills, spelling, punctuation and grammar to help them express themselves properly, effectively and appropriately. When our students reach Key Stage 4 they will be entered for accreditations that are best suited to their learning styles and abilities. Accreditations currently available are:

Edexcel/Pearson            Functional English Entry 1, 2 and 3 certificates
WJEC Pathways Additional English Entry 2 and 3 certificates

(WJEC is the Welsh Joint Education Committee)

AQA    Foundation Project Qualification L1 (independent learning focus)

And in Key Stage 5:

Edexcel/Pearson              Functional English Entry 1, 2 and 3 certificates
Edexcel/Pearson              Functional English Level 1 & Level 2 external examinations
AQA Higher Project Qualification L2 (independent learning focus)

It is my responsibility to review these qualifications constantly in order to maintain the ‘best fit’ for our students.

You will find more information in the Curriculum Aims of English area.

Rachel Rouncefield

Curriculum Leader of English