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Marshfields School

A Positive Choice


We aim to offer all Marshfields students a Secondary School (11-19) Curriculum. All National Curriculum subjects are taught at Marshfields, with an emphasis on Mathematics, English and Science along with the school specialism, Technology. The curriculum is enhanced by the provision of other National Curriculum subjects and enrichment activities, which add breadth and diversity to the one week timetable.

Subjects are divided into domains which link to the house system. The table at the bottom of the page gives more details of this.

Key Stage Three

The subjects that students study at during Key Stage Three are;

Mathematics, English, Science, Design Technology (Product Design, Food Technology, Physical Education, Art and Design, Humanities (History, Geography, Religious Education, Computers, Performing Arts and Personal Development.

Key Stage Four

At Key Stage Four all students study the core subjects of;

Mathematics, English, Science, Physical Education, and Religious Education.

In addition to the core subjects students will also study; Art and Design and Personal Development. Students are offered a guided choice within Design Technology of Food Technology, Product Design and Catering. The second guided choice is within Humanities, BTEC sport, Performing Arts and Computing.

Key Stage Five

At Key Stage Five students have an individualised timetable and curriculum. As students become increasingly independent students take on increasing amounts of work experience and learning opportunities in conjunction with Nene Park Academy. A wide variety of subjects and courses are available to all students including Entry Level ASDAN, Level 1 Employability Skills with continued work on English and Maths to support our young people in the world beyond Marshfields. Students also have the opportunity over the year to access Art, Cooking, and volunteering, DofE and sports participation.

Strategy Time

Strategy Time runs from 9:00 – 9:30 four mornings a week. Strategy groups enable students of all ages to develop areas of need in relation to their Individual Education Plans and statement. This time is also used to focus on numeracy activities - Developing skills to support numbers in the real world when not selected for strategy. Each strategy group operates for half a term approx six weeks.

Each afternoon time is dedicated to reading from 1.20 till 1.50 pm 4 days a week. Each student is expected to read each day during this session and each evening at home. Progress in this area is deemed as fundamental in supporting all academic progress across school.

Amanda Anderson
Deputy Headteacher, Teaching and Progress


House/Domains Subject Areas
  • Science
  • Humanities (including, Geography, History, RE)
  • Personal Development (Incorporates Cititzenship and Personal/Social/Heath Education) 
  • Maths (including Numeracy)
  • Work Experience
  • Asdan and Employability 
  • Art,
  • Computing,
  • Technology (including Food and Resistant Materials)
  • English (including Literacy)
  • Life Skills (Bungalow/Independent Travel),
  • Performing Arts (Dance, Drama, Music),
  • PE

Curriculum Progress and Performance

You can look at the DFE school performance table’s website by clicking on this link: