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Marshfields School

A Positive Choice

Community Cafe

The Enterprise group are responsible for the Community Café. Our Year 10 group are the bakers that make all the cakes that we sell in the Community Café.

This gives the opportunity for a select group of students in Key stage 4 a 2 year programme of a real work experience on site. The first year the students bake goods to sell in the café and there is a strong emphasis on food hygiene.

In year 2 students gain experience working in our Community Café, working a half termly rotas in all the different job areas.

Employment is also one of the PfA outcomes recommended for students in Key Stage 4 and 5.        

Building independence is core to each students’ self-esteem and being able to confidently access the world around them. We have a SHAPED vision throughout all school life which is promoted within our independent life skills study.

S Successful - Building confidence making students feel proud of themselves
H Happy - Giving the opportunity to make healthy choices when making a menu
A Aspiring - Going out on public transport , preparing for independence
P Purposeful - Looking at how we need to manage our time producing an end product
E Exciting - Entertaining guests and preparing lunch
D Diverse - Working outside of the familiar school environment


Year 10

Focuses on six key areas:

These are

  • Developing independence
  • Promoting personal hygiene
  • Interaction/ social skills
  • Building and embedding life skills
  • Enterprise – baking cakes for a purpose with a focus on food safety and quality control
  • These skills are complimented by and recorded through the following AQA units

AQA unit 94394

  • Skills required to bake a cake using the creaming method

AQA unit 72352

  • Health and safety in the kitchen personal hygiene

AQA  unit 74901

  • Preparing self for working in a kitchen
Food hygiene
  • Handwashing
  • Health and safety
  • Legal requirements

Year 11

Focuses on six key areas:

These are

  • Customer care skills
  • Teamwork/ Social interaction
  • Learning about and using Industrial  catering machinery
  • Building and embedding life skills
  • Coping under pressure/ working within fixed timescales
  • Money handling – focusing on the day to day running of a café working environment

These skills are complimented by and recorded through the following AQA units.

AQA unit 95073

  • Café front of house clearing and cleaning tables

AQA unit 74149

  • Work experience : working in a café ( hygiene)

AQA unit 73002

  • Participating in running a small café
  • Customer care
AQA unit 95071
  • Making a drink using a hots drink machine

We put out customer feedback forms in the café each week and the comments are very positive one customer wrote:

“My weekly dose of Nutella cheesecake! We really look forward to coming each week. It is such an enjoyable experience. Everyone is so cheery and friendly. The children are so polite and will always engage in conversation. You knock the sox of Costa! Keep up the hard work.”

The café is supported by parents and members of the community but we always have room to welcome more.