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Marshfields School

A Positive Choice

Awards in English

A suite of awards are available in English entitled Excellence in English.

Certificates are awarded throughout the school year to those students who have excelled in areas of English. These certificates are presented in our termly awards assemblies in the Subject Award Category.  There are also some small gifts that appertain to the awards, such as pens, gift vouchers and calligraphy sets.

Currently the award categories are:

  1. Most improved student from all teachers working in English, which is awarded in Term 2. This is a positive start to the year and gives the English team an opportunity to reward effort in their classes – Key stage 3 and 4
  2. Half-termly summative achievements for those students in Key Stage 3 who have successfully completed their assessments to a high standard.
  3. Outstanding achievements for those students who the English team feels warrant special mention for achievement. This category runs throughout the school year.
  4. Handwriting awards chosen by a guest judge. These are awarded at the end of the final term for Key Stage 3 and 4.  
  5. Narrative awards chosen by a guest.  These awards are a way of celebrating our best story writers in the school. It is always a pleasure and can causes much deliberation.  These are awarded in the final term across the whole school.
  6. Academic certificates are presented to those students Key Stage 4 students who achieve success in external assessments.

AWARDS - Key Stage 5

Post 16 students have a separate awards ceremony in the Post 16 building. We celebrate our most improved students in English each term in Key Stage 5.  Students may be nominated for a number of reasons including effort, attitude and work ethic.

In addition to our Excellence in English Awards, the English team is keen to keep parents informed of students’ positive achievements in lessons. We enjoy sharing good news regarding behaviour, independence, effort and attitude as well as the excellent work carried out in lessons.