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Marshfields School

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I have oversight of the School's attendance strategy.  I am helped in this task by students, parents/ carers, the School's admin team, the tutor teams and senior leadership team..

Attendance is really important to us because if a student isn't here, then they cannot progress.  The attendance target is set annually, and is currently 95%.  Each week, it's my job to look at the overall attendance figures, and to track and monitor the progress of any student who falls below the target. I regularly report on attendance both to senior leadership and as required to governors.

Attendance concerns are shared with tutors so that they can also remind students of the importance of being here, and to follow up any unexplained/unexpected absences.

If a student is not able to attend school, we would expect to receive information from the parent/carer as soon as possible, preferably before 8.30 am.  If we have not heard, then the tutor team will make contact as it is important that we know why a student is not in school.

If a parent is having a problem getting their child to school, we are here to help.  Please do give us a call.  If we cannot resolve the issue alone, we will discuss with parents other avenues of support, such as the Education Welfare Service. 

Absences have to be formally categorized as authorised or unauthorised.  The regulations for this are set out by government, and the school does not have any discretion over this, so whilst a parent might not consider their child is absent due to truancy, the school may be obliged to use the coding for unauthorised absence.

Updated in September 2017, the Government have made clear that schools can no longer authorise any holidays from school during term time.  Therefore, unless there are exceptional circumstances, it is likely that any requests for student absence from school will be declined.  Since we believe that being in class is so important, we are fully supportive of ensuring that students attend regularly.

Paula Elton
Parent Partnership Worker