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Marshfields School

A Positive Choice

Art and Design

 Art and Design lessons offer Marshfields’ pupils an artistic means of self-expressive and communication. Our curriculum allows pupils to express themselves through a variety of creative activities, such as, painting, drawing, ceramics, sculpting, print-making and silk painting.

The Art Department consists of two specialist art teachers, Lynsey Ellis (Lead Art Teacher) and Rebecca Robertson. In all lessons, our students are supported by a teaching assistant to assist with their learning.

The Shaped vision is shared amongst our team striving for our students to be successful, happy, aspiring and purposeful in exciting lessons full of diversity:

Successful - in own achievements

Happy - during learning times

Aspiring - to continue to make progress

Purposeful - when carrying out set activities

Exciting and - building natural curiosity

to embrace Diversity - by being encouraged to value other people’s thoughts and opinions.

Projects are devised to enrich pupils’ understanding of art across world cultures and throughout periods of history. We ensure our curriculum is accessible to all pupils and we enjoy guiding them to create inspired work.

In KS3, pupils experience new skills and techniques creating paintings, clay sculptures, prints, and collage pictures. Information on our current Yr7, Yr8 & Yr9 projects is in the ‘KS3 Projects’ section on the Art & Design area.

When our students reach Key Stage 4, they produce a portfolio of artwork to be entered for the Edexcel GCSE Art, Craft & Design (2016) Accreditation. 

In KS5, Post 16 pupils studying Art & Design follow either: 

- BTEC Entry Level 3 Award in Art and Design, or, 

- BTEC Level 1 Certificate in Art and Design.

We provide opportunities to visit galleries and exhibitions, allowing pupils direct access to the work of other artists and cultures. We hold a KS3 Colouring Club during Friday lunchtime and our KS4 Art Club is on Thursday after school.

To view KS3, KS4 and P16 projects, please open the ‘KS3 Projects’ or ‘KS4 & KS5 Projects’ page.

To view pupils’ artwork from KS3, KS4 & KS5, please open the ‘Pupils’ Artwork’ page.

L. Ellis

Curriculum Leader of Art