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Marshfields School

A Positive Choice

Core Beliefs Day 2017

We had our annual Core Beliefs day on Tuesday 24th January this year with the theme of Community. On the Monday beforehand we had an assembly about what Community means and Deacon John came in to talk about the Christian community and what they do locally.

Then on the day within our 4 houses we each looked at a different religion. Endeavour visited a local Mosque to learn about Islam and Well being visited a Mandir to learn about Hinduism. Discovery had a representative from the Liberal Jewish community come in to talk about Judaism and Invention had a representative from the Sikh community come in to talk to them about Sikhism. Discovery also spent the day trying traditional Jewish foods and making them, creating art pieces and playing the dreidel game. Invention worked collectively to produce a huge collage of the Sikh symbol, Khanda. All of the students and staff enjoyed the day and each learnt something new. It was a great day of teamwork, learning and Community.

Please watch the video below created by Invention house Sikhism.