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Marshfields School

A Positive Choice

Ex-Students Return as Access Champions!

Travis, Holly & Hazel ex-students return to Marshfields as Access Champions to work with our house captains to raise awareness of disability issues in Peterborough.

Travis, Holly & Hazel are helping the local authority look at the local offer for young people under 25 (services for SEND and LLDD)

As part of this project they are working with schools, community groups and service providers. They aim to talk to as many people with disabilities under the age of 25 as possible.

The project is making a film to raise awareness of disability issues in Peterborough and steer the commissioning of services.

Access Champions is run by young people to promote fair access and opportunity for disabled people. You can visit their website, Facebook or Twitter to find out more.

Find their Facebook page – Access champions

Twitter account - @AccessChamps

Go on.. give them a like !

Access Champions would like to find out about you

Who you are and how old are you?

Where you live?

Do you know what the local offer is?

What sort of things you like to do in your free time?

What services you would like to see in Peterborough for young people?

What you want to do in the future?