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Marshfields School

A Positive Choice

Exams Update

Preparation for exams has been on-going throughout the year, but this week, timed examinations started with 2 days of GCSE Art.

Good luck to all of our exam candidates.  We wish you well in your studies.  Now is the time for that extra push - practice, revise, get help and support from staff and from home.

If you are a parent, support your child by asking what they need.  Do they have a quiet space of their own to work in?  Do they have planned "down time" - perhaps some special time with you mapped in too.  Are you able to keep siblings away for short periods each day so that students can revise without distraction?  Offer healthy snacks; ensure a good night's sleep and keep an eye on things like Facebook as this is a time when easy distractions can take over, and texting through the night can seriously affect your child's ability to concentrate the next day.