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Energy Drinks Boosts Failure

A media fad to encourage you to spend your hard-earned cash, or a sure-fire way to academic failure? Either way, we would encourage parents and children to heed health warnings about the dangers of these drinks. It's always good to remember that the manufacturers of these drinks are profit-making companies and it is in their interests (and that of their shareholders) to get us to buy as many as possible. The following advice incorporates information from the NHS.

Energy drinks have mixed benefits

Many people turn to energy drink for a quick boost, yet they are loaded with sugar and caffeine (sometimes more than twice the caffeine in a can of cola) so although they'll give you a temporary energy jolt, the boost is short-lived and may be accompanied by other problems.

The caffeine in energy drinks can make you feel irritable and restless. It can increase your blood pressure while the sugar can contribute to weight gain, especially if you don’t exercise regularly.

In school, educational performance is definitely affected ... and not in a good way. The typical characteristics that we notice in children who've drunk these products are:

  • hyperactivity
  • lack of concentration
  • verbal aggression
  • physical aggression
  • silly, toddler-like behaviour - a lack of self-control
  • under-performance

... and add on to this the fact that many of our students are taking medication, eg, for ADHD and the result is educational disaster, not to mention the unpleasant side effects of becoming obese from taking in all that extra sugar!

All of these could result in your child getting excluded from school - because of the dangers the drinks present to students' heath and performance, energy (and fizzy) drinks are banned in school and if students are found to have brought them into school (or to have drunk them on the way to school), they would be commiting an offence under the School's behaviour policy under the discipline codes D6 (Considering the health/safety/welfare of self/others) and D7 (Self Discipline), the latter of which includes bringing such items on site, or serious incidents of behaviour which disrupts learning or the good order of the school.

Want more information on the dangers of these drinks? Try this website which gives 10 problems associated with energy drinks:

So what does work?
Plain water is a better choice than an energy drink. For a quick surge of energy, provide your child with a snack of fruit such as a banana.