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Marshfields School

A Positive Choice

World Book Day - Thursday 8th March

Despite having to wait a whole week from the original date (because of snow days) students did not disappoint us when Marshfields held its World Book Day on Thursday 8th March.

Fictional characters snuck around the corners, jumped out of doorways, flounced up and down the corridors and raced around the playground in some weird, wonderful and highly imaginative costumes.

In KS3 our Dress up day winner and runner up were:

Christian as Albus Dumbledore

Amelia as Spongebob Squarepants

from the Harry Potter stories

In KS4 it was:

Henry as Captain America

Erinmae as Pippylongstocking

And in KS5 the prize had to go to Ethan, for his amazing depiction of Robin Hood:

Best staff costume went to Mrs Musson as the terrifying Mrs Trunchball.

But there were also prizes given out to members of our Storymaking Club who had persuading lots of students to help in writing the longest ever nonsense story at Marshfields. Tutor groups enjoyed sharing the nonsense story across the school. The authors were:

Oliver, Ben B, Katie Giles, James O and Angelina

One of our most popular activities during the week was Find International Wally where students had to seek out Wally in the playground and identify where he was hiding, but also ( in a bit of a mean and difficult twist) identify from which country the flag he was holding came.

So, with all the prizes done, we mustn’t forget all the other stupendous costumes staff and students donned on the day – here’s just a few to give you a taste: