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Marshfields School

A Positive Choice

Performing Arts

'Performing Arts is one of the options this year in post 16 Enrichment session. We think its brilliant. Thank you Mrs Hull for your hard work and enthusiasm. Here are some comments from our students'

Performing arts is really fun. Last half term we had to sing 2 songs and to do a dance at the key theatre based on a film. This half term we have been practising for the Christmas service. Performing arts is my favourite lesson we do a lot of singing, dancing we also do fun actives witch involve music and dance. we do lots of practise for shows.


Performing arts is one of my bests lesson ever. It was brilliant and cool because I can do acting and singing. Like Christmas and thriller. I enjoyed being actor at performing with Mrs Hull, Mariam, Jane, Diana, Chris, Charleen, Josh H and Sophie.


Performing arts is one of the most best lessons that I enjoy doing. It really helped me with my confidence this year I enjoy working  in a group with Bradley, Jane, Diana, Sophie, Charleen, Josh H